January 7th, 2015

Cats Ping pong

Not how I wanted the earth to move

Finally it's stopped... for twelve hours solid today my house has been shaking, windows vibrating in their frames, from the heavy machinery doing roadworks in my street. I had the day off due to a light workload and my boss' suggestion that now would be a good time to take a day, so I've been here all day to endure it. 7am they started, and it was 7pm before the last beast was powered down, still grumbling and clattering as it switched off for the evening.

Still managed to get a lot done, though. It was good timing; just yesterday as I rode the bus to work I was thinking of the cat show I'm running in July, and making plans, and wishing I had a whole day that I could devote to it. As a result I was really quick to put my hand up when the email re work came around! So today I've drafted all the judges' contracts, and emailed most of them off; put together the schedule for the show; I've chosen the rosettes, and worked out a budget. That last item is still subject to revision as my break-even point is about 25 entries more than we usually get - I'll have to either cut my expenses (only use local judges? Find cheaper rosettes?) or boost my revenue (raise entry fees?). Or both....

Also caught up with a lot of the council correspondence that got pushed to the side due to Christmas, but now needs to be dealt with as our next meeting is on the 24th.

And took the opportunity to sort out my finances for the last month. Do you know how much interest I was charged on my home loan last month? $3.45. I'd like to say it's because I owe bugger-all, but in reality it's because all my holiday money and savings are sitting in the loan account, reducing the balance way down. It has, however, given me the determination to keep going strong and pay the bloody thing off properly - by June next year, by my calculations. Provided nothing untoward happens between now and then. I've marked the fortnights remaining on my calendar, on every pay-day - 39 remaining right now. The end is in sight!