February 28th, 2015

ST Star I steer by

Sad day

RIP Leonard Nimoy. Thank you for breathing life into Spock, the character who was my first real crush, one which has morphed into a lifetime of deep love. Star Trek was my first "particpatory" fandom - it brings back memories now of club meetings spent collating zines, and the smell of the roneo machine ink, laughter and good times. But always it was Spock. Thank you for breaking my heart in ST:TWOK during that scene with Kirk. Yes, THAT scene. Thank you for mending it again when you directed ST:TSFS - exhilarating, isn't it? :-) Words that still stick in my mind whenever the wind acts up. Thank you for inspiring me to write endless Mary Sues, which led to other fic later on. #LLAP
What is remembered, lives.