March 17th, 2015

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Can't even give it away

Last Tuesday, on my way to the bus stop, I found some money. Only a dollar, but I picked it up regardless, thinking to give it to the first busker I saw at lunchtime; failing that, there are always homeless people around Anzac Square and I thought I could pass it on. Would you believe - I walked the city centre for an hour at lunchtime without seeing either a busker or a beggar. I ended up just putting it on top of the fridge when I got home that night (because that's the other thing about found money - you can't spend it.)

And then today there was a busker outside the post office, drumming on a tribal drum, and he was fantastic. I wanted to reward his skill but had no cash, so when I bought a DVD I got a couple of dollars extra cash out, but he'd gone by the time I came out of the mall. I hope he comes back as he really was that good.

Toilet sprang a leak on Friday, due to a perished rubber seal. I thought I'd have a go at replacing it myself but I couldn't even get the tap turned off to cut off the water, so gave in and asked my brother in law for assistance. Continuing the tradition of nothing-is-ever-simple I wasn't able to buy a new seal by itself at the local Bunnings, instead I had to buy a whole new cistern. Not a problem, I thought, as the old one was pretty daggy, the plastic had yellowed over the years and could do with being replaced. Except the new one was a lot narrower, leaving an interesting patch on the wall where the last two coats of paint didn't reach, and the mounting holes were a lot closer together than the current bolts in the wall. In the end we cannibalised the new cistern just for the new seal, then put the old cistern back on the wall. It won't be wasted, though - I plan on doing up the room completely in the next 18 months or so and will use the new cistern then.
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