April 13th, 2015

Dr Who Banana

I don't think that's supposed to happen

Just as I was getting out of the shower tonight the shower head fell off, landing where I had been standing seconds earlier. It's snapped clean off the arm and is going to need to be replaced. It looks like being the year for plumbing; earlier this year I had to replace a large rubber seal on my toilet cistern which had sprung a leak - and there I was blaming the cats at first, thinking someone had peed on the floor.

Picked up my new phone on Saturday and I'm still fiddling with it. It took until tonight for me to work out how to use a custom text notification - for the last three years I've had Benedict Cumberbatch saying "It's a text alert, it means I've got a text" (from Scandal in Belgravia) and after that, a little chirpy sound or bell chime just didn't cut it. Now Benny has been restored to his rightful place and all is good. :-)

Also discovered that the little app I used to use on my old phone to transfer photos, music etc between phone and PC is no longer available, and the replacement apps aren't quite the same. However I can stick a USB cord into this new phone and plug it straight into the computer, and move stuff around that way. Not as efficient as the wireless program I used to use but it does the job.

The annual renewal for the RACQ is sitting on my desk at the moment and I'm in two minds about paying it. This is the Royal Automobile Club of Qld, which offers roadside assistance to stranded members and help getting the vehicles going again. When your shoulders have packed it in, it's really important to have someone strong who can shift wheel nuts that have been tightened with a hydraulic gun, so I need this membership - but now my insurance company offers it as part of the service, to customers who have had their insurance for at least a year. What to do? What if I let the RACQ lapse, but later want to change insurance companies? I'm a gold member of RACQ due to years of membership (transferred from the equivalent NSW society when I moved up here) and I don't want to lose that. But it goes against the grain to pay for something that I can get for free....