April 14th, 2015

Random Violin

Should buy shares in a tissue factory

Aargh! What is it about this time of year that has me sneezing and wheezing and all hay-fevery - it's autumn for goodness sake! There's no pollen about! But every single year this happens, late March / early April, and persists for weeks. I don't know what it is that's setting me off but I wish it would just Go Away.

No overtime last night, or tonight, thank goodness, things seem to be getting a bit quieter at work. For our team, at least; pity the poor Settlements people who now have to deal with the record 880+ loans that we approved last month.

One of the additional perks from my roadside assistance is discount travel, both interstate and overseas. And as I have a couple of trips planned over the next two years I'm going to explore this. Next year is the trip to NZ to see my son get married (I'm getting teary just thinking about it; what's WRONG with me?! Oh possibly it's the gin) and the following year planning a river cruise from Amsterdam to somewhere or other exotic. Sorry, geography is not my strong point *g* but it doesn't involve open ocean, that is the important thing. Followed by a fortnight or so in the UK. I only need another 127000 Qantas points to fly to/ from Heathrow business class for free; at least it's something to aim towards!

It's funny how these loyalty / points programs can change your behaviour though. I recently signed up for a new credit card with a totally different bank, simply because it offered 40,000 bonus frequent flyer points, and then opened an account with another different bank just to get the average-balance frequent flyer points. Even changed the supermarket where I buy groceries, just for the points.