August 10th, 2015

Random Darwin sunset

Just passing, thought I'd drop in

Don't have to work tonight, and I feel like I'm playing truant from school. Why yes, I DO know how that feels, thank you very much! :D I plan on spending the next hour trying to catch up a bit on my unread flist.

Two weeks ago Harry had his first cat show, and was comprehensively outclassed - didn't even get a Reserve in Colour, let alone a first in colour or a Best of Breed. He's competing against cats that have full coats, while he has a smooth short flat-lying wispy thing, all except for his tail which is a full brush. But while it's disappointing, I'm not worried; his breeder tells me that the kittens which have short coats usually end up having the longest bodies, as they're not using up all their nutrition on growing a coat. And it will come, as he matures.

But you know what? I still love him dearly, even if he hissed at the judges and just wanted to go home!

He's a cheeky little monkey, and so clever; he's learned how to put the alarm clock onto snooze and he gleefully turns it off again every time it goes off. I've warned my boss that she is likely to get a call one morning to say I've slept in.

My sister is on a cruise at the moment and I am so jealous! While I'm not a fan of cruising, I am a fan of both Darwin (where she is today) and Singapore (where she will end up). I've asked her to try and find a Merlion snow globe in Singapore for me, I'm sure they will exist somewhere. To go with my crocodile snow globe, from the Top End. Because such a thing is Likely. *g*