August 16th, 2015

Random Violin

Off to bed

After 2am so I should toddle off - but I'm halfway through an engrossing Sherlock fic and just want to get it finished. Found a rec for it while faffing about on tumblr earlier tonight.It's actually gen, although you could read it as pre-slash, and rather good - The Road of Bones. Sherlock needs surgery and in the leadup to the operation John gets to deal with a flatmate who is just that bit madder than usual.

TV night earlier tonight - watched Last Tango in Halifax just for Rupert Graves, followed by New Tricks - and I don't care what Dennis Waterman's character is called, he'll always be Terry to me! Just after it started I noticed Harry staring intently out the back door, and this is what I found when I turned the porch light on -
 photo Possumwalk 337 x 599_zpsx29fgt7y.jpg

He didn't seem bothered by me at all, and only retreated when I moved towards him. Even then he didn't go too far -

 photo Possumsit 337 x 599_zpsqngpricj.jpg

And there he stayed for about half an hour. Great entertainment for the cats, if nothing else.