November 12th, 2015

Pros BD table

Eye test

Feeling really ambivalent about tomorrow. I'm booked in for an eye exam at lunchtime - and while that by itself is fine, it's followed by the ordeal of picking glasses. I hate it! It's so hard to tell if I'm going to like the way they look, because when I try them on I have to take off my current ones and I can't see. I've spent my lunch breaks over the last few days going from shop to shop looking at frames and I think I've sorted the ones that I want - and the optometrist has offered to take photos of me so I can check how they look, which is pretty helpful - but I still worry I'm going to end up with something I'll regret. And as I've just spent the last three years regretting my walking-around glasses, I don't want to do that again.

And it's the triple-whammy this time; reading glasses (with multifocal close and computer distance lenses), walking around / driving glasses (multifocal with three grades including long distance) and sunglasses, again multifocal with three grades. So that's three decisions to make *sigh*. I'm actually considering having new lenses put in my time-before-last reading glasses which I now only use to watch TV, to try and keep the cost down.

I really do need new ones, though, as it's got to the point that my eyes start stinging as soon as I put my reading glasses on, and then they water. I let it go too long this time, putting it off because it's such a trial to choose.

My new car had its first service today. It comes with free servicing for the first three years / 60000km and in order to not void the free servicing I have to make sure that it is done at the stipulated intervals. The first service is just a check-over to make sure everything is okay and meant to be done at 3000km / one month, whichever came first. So there I am, handing over the keys to the car which I've had for exactly one month, and it has a whole 345km on the clock. Seemed a bit silly really.