November 15th, 2015

Random Rainbow Earth

Eye test redux

Talk about annoying - I arrived at the optometrist's on Friday only to find that my Medicare card had expired last Decemeber, which meant I'd either have to pay for the appointment or reschedule. So I rescheduled, and spent the rest of my lunch break on the phone to Medicare getting it sorted. Then managed to rebook for Monday, so not too much of a delay.

Turns out the govt had sent my new card to the post office box which I cancelled in October 2011. I hadn't thought to notify Medicare of my new address because they're a government agency, and I have an online account with mygov for tax etc so just assumed that my address on my account would be the one for all government dealings. Apparently not....

This has been a great weekend. Yesterday was a high tea / luncheon for my friend's daughter, who has just got engaged - she had a party a few weeks ago for all of her friends, and yesterday's do was for her mother's friends, which I thought was lovely. The venue was beautiful, with stunning gardens, and I was a bit disappointed that it was raining as I would like to have explored the place - still it was a magical place which you can see here .

Then last night out to dinner with my son and his girlfriend, plus my sister and her hubby. Good Italian food and probably a bit too much of it! Afterwards we let it settle while we played a few games of Sherlock Cluedo - which didn't end up pinned to the wall. *g*

Today after lunch I went with a friend to a gelato parlour in town, where we indulged in some of the best gelato I've tasted. Brought a brick of it home, too, for dessert. Yum!

And then back to reality with a thud, cleaning out my garden shed and mopping the floors downstairs. Now it's nearly time to feed cats, and at that point I consider my weekend officially over.