January 3rd, 2016

Sherlock Want to see some more animated

Movie day / night

It's only taken me eighteen months but yesterday I finally hooked up my DVD player to my sound system. Still can't get the telly running through the receiver but that's a problem for another day. Tonight to celebrate I sat down with three movies to watch - firstly The Man From UNCLE which while it was beautifully styled and shot, was far too full of drawn-out car chases and the like to completely hold my attention. It did sound good, though, running through the big speakers.

Secondly I watched Kingsman which I enjoyed a lot more. You have to park your critical brain at the door before watching in order to fully enjoy it, I think, but being a Saturday night with a G&T in hand it went down surprisingly well.

The plan was then to watch Spy but for some reason the sound decided to stop working at that point, and I could not be bothered pulling everything apart to find out why, so it can wait.

But first thing this morning it was off to the cinema for Sherlock: The Abominable Bride. Huge spoilers under the cut, so if you don't want to have it totally ruined, do not click.

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