January 4th, 2016

Cats BIrman

Hairy creatures

Getting my hair cut is one of those chores that I put off for as long as possible - I hate having to decide on a style, and I'm never happy when I walk out of the hairdressers'. Until yesterday, that is. For the first time in forever I've actually walked out thinking "Hmmm, I could live with this!" It was nice to get some positive comments about it at work today, too. And it's so much cooler - I had a good eight inches chopped off so now it just sits on my shoulders, and it was thinned out as well. Perfect for summer.

Little dog has gone home now and I must admit I was missing her tonight when I got home from work - no little dog to take for a walk! She was mainly well-behaved (we won't talk about the hole she chewed in the downstairs bathroom door) and got along with the cats okay for the most part. She learned very quickly that she was not to touch the cats' food, and here she is, being very wary of Harry who had her totally bluffed. He's a big gentle giant but she wasn't taking any chances!

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