February 25th, 2016

Pros Make you happy

Happiness is....

In my happy place right now - and it's not from anything major, just the accumulated happy from a number of small things over the last week. Like turning the page on my daily inspirations calendar, which is usually so banal (it was a gift, all right?) but today surprised me with a Mary Oliver quote. Walking to and from the bus stop and not hurting anywhere. Morning temperatures around 18 degrees with low humidity, which is such a welcome change from the temperatures of the last few months. Feeling like I'm actually achieving something at work, getting involved with the brokers instead of pushing back to the sales support people to make the contacts.

That last point actually had me wondering if I'd done the right thing by getting out of branch-based work and away from the customers on a daily basis, but then I remember the targets and the stress and the constant emails and no I do not miss that not one little bit.

But I digress. I am enjoying this feeling while it lasts - it's almost a floaty feeling, like I don't notice time passing, so wrapped up in my little bubble of contentment. I woke up this morning thinking it was Tuesday, and I wasn't even excited when I realised it was Thursday and thus closer to the weekend. Just content to be in the moment, whatever day it is.

Something I noticed today, which made me smile. Ever since I bought my new car I've received a weekly roundup email from carsales.com.au showing me this week's special buys. Up until today they've all been cars very similar to what I bought (why they think I'd be looking for another one right now I can't figure) but today's was different; today I was offered deals on convertibles. Perhaps because this morning I looked on carsales.com.au for the Mazda MX5 that I read about on the weekend. I'll have to try looking for something really radical and see what pops up on my roundup next week.