March 10th, 2016

Random Violin

Sad news day

Got the sad news today that Jon English died unexpectedly. I had a huge crush on Jon when I was in my teens and I still have one of his albums to this day. He first came to my attention playing Judas in the Australian production of Jesus Christ Superstar, which I saw in Sydney in 1973 (feeling SO OLD now!). At the time I was attending boarding school, and the drive from my home to the school was almost exactly long enough to sing the rock opera in its entirety, with my sister and I taking alternating parts. Some very fond memories there.

And he was a "local" boy, attending Cabramatta High School, not far from where I grew up.

More recently he was starring in various Gilbert and Sullivan productions, like Pirates of Penzance:

(that's him in the tight purple pants, btw)

Collapse )

He went on to star in a number of tv shows, including the miniseries Against The Wind where we all fell in love with him over again.

RIP Jon, you had a grand talent to entertain and will be missed.
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