July 28th, 2016

Sherlock Trafalgar Square

Exitus and other stuff.

Last Friday night was my sister's workplace social club night out and as her husband was off interstate she invited me along for a fun night. We met up at Strike Bowling in the city for a spot of ten pin bowling (which my right shoulder and left buttock felt for days afterwards!) but first we played (not sure that's the right word for it) Exitus. Firstly we had to surrender our mobiles into a safe, then we were blindfolded, and led into a room in total darkness; the door shut behind us then lights came on and we could remove the blindfolds to see our surroundings. The room was garden-themed and littered with clues, the solving of which led to more clues, which eventually gave us the code to unlock the door. All we had to start with was an ipad with a displayed timer counting down the fifty minutes game time allowed, and a phone which called directly to the staff.

If we got stuck on a clue there was a QR code that we could scan for the answer, but that resulted in a time penalty. We could also call out for extra clues but once again a time penalty would be incurred. We ended up using the scanner and phone once each (all the while I'm saying "no, we'll figure it out!" but time was against us. Still I think we did all right, managing to make it out with five minutes remaining despite the time penalty.

Afterwards there was bowling, and pizza, and a couple of wines. I am a terrible bowler but then I wasn't trying out for the Olympics so who cares. *g*

Had a bit of an unpleasant surprise today when a fine for not voting in the local council elections arrived in the mail. The election was held last March and I didn't worry too much about it because the councillor for my ward was unopposed, and in previous years the council hasn't bothered to chase people who didn't vote; they reckoned it cost more to follow up than they received in fines. Looks like they've changed their way of thinking!