November 19th, 2016

Random Rainbow Earth

Just popping in to say...

.. I work with the best people in the world. Seriously. I was abused by a broker yesterday - and let me just say that it's not part of my job description to even take their phone calls; I only took the call because the broker's BDM was at a conference and uncontactable for the day - and word got round the office quite quickly. I had people coming up to me during the day to ask if I was okay, and one lady (whose job it is to oversee the BDMs) was upset about it, and wanted to kick the broker off our panel ("No-one is allowed to yell at you!"). Later in the day the broker rang back and asked for me again; the sales support person who answered the call told him that I was not available and that she'd get someone else to call him back. She told me later that she will never put him through to me again.

Seriously though I didn't take it personally. Yes, I was a bit rattled by the call, but during 21 years working for a bank I was abused by better people than him, and to my face, not just over the phone, so his call wasn't anything I couldn't handle. But I love the way everyone rallied round me. They're just the best ever.