December 26th, 2016

Sherlock Xmas Mycroft

Had myself a merry little Christmas

Things have been quite hectic at Chez M over the last week. Work has been frantic, to the point that we had overtime on two nights last week, so I was really surprised to be asked if I'd like to take this week off work. Didn't have to ask me twice, though - I had my leave application loaded within minutes, before my manager could come to her senses.

Did my grocery shopping after work on Friday night, then on Saturday morning I whipped through the housework as I had a lunch date with the kids at Georges Paragon restaurant at Sanctuary Cove. It would have to be my all time favourite restaurant; great food, impeccable service, and relaxing surroundings, being located right on the marina. It's fun sitting in the sea breeze, watching the fish below, while surrounded by millions of dollars' worth of luxury boats. There is so much money in that place! Most cars in the car park are worth at least twice my annual earnings.

Yesterday was supposed to be lunch in the park with my sister's family as well as Jay and Jess however her oldest boy and his wife had flown to New Zealand, while her youngest boy and his girlfriend had gone to Sydney, and it was raining so the park was out of the picture! We still got together, though, those of us who remained in Brisbane, and a brilliant Christmas lunch was had by all.

Afterwards Jay and Jess came back to mine and Jess cooked us a Christmas dinner, although after our late lunch we weren't hungry until late, and just played Trivial Pursuit for a while, finally sitting down to eat at 10pm. Still good though. They had bought a new version of Trivial Pursuit - the 2000s, as the one that I have is older than Jess so she always feels she's at a disadvantage. I'm not too sure about the rules for this new one, though. Jason refers to it as the Participation game, where you get a prize for simply showing up (or in this case, for passing the colour wedge spaces, whether you land on the space and answer a question correctly or not). And when it's your go, instead of answering a question you can choose to ask the question of the people you're playing against, and if they get it wrong, then you can take the pie yourself. So in theory you can win the game with only answering one question correctly (the last one, where you're not allowed to stump the other players). As a result it's quite a quick game to play - "for the Millennials' attention span" as Jason put it. All players get a prize and it's over in half an hour.

It was hilarious, too, although that may have been the wine making it seem so.

The kids stayed over last night, then this morning they headed off to Noosa for a few days. I spent some time just catching up here - it has been days since I last had time to click on LJ - and afterwards I was feeling sleepy and felt like a nap so I put the telly on and turned to the Boxing Day test; the announcers' voices are soporific, aided by the gentle sussuration of the crowd and the crack of leather hitting willow; sure enough I was out like a light in minutes.

So that was my day. Finished a book - I plan on doing a lot of reading over the coming week - and watched an accidental movie. Now I'm waiting for my sister to arrive and we're going to watch the Dr Who Christmas special together. It's been available on iview since 6am, ie since it aired in the UK, but there's something special about watching it of an evening. Jason's little dog is sitting at my feet, all worn out after a big game of ball in the backyard, the cats are fed and I'm thinking about getting some dinner for myself before D arrives.

And it's goodbye to my Christmas icons for another eleven months. I hope everyone else had an enjoyable, peaceful, restful holiday season. Hugs to all!