January 2nd, 2017

Sherlock Keep calm and trust sherlock

Second post

I'm not a maker of resolutions usually, mainly because I'm really good at not sticking to things, but this year I do mean to try to update here more regularly.

Back to work tomorrow - felt a bit funny setting my alarm for 5.30am again after ten glorious days. Well I say glorious; truth be told it's been hot all the way through. There are clouds, now, that look like we could get a storm soon, but it's still over 30C. It was 28C when I got up this morning; that's been the pattern of the last week.

Oh Sherlock - I am such a jumble of emotions now! I will need to rewatch the episode, I know that, but already I've been to tumblr to pick up on bits I missed. One more week to wait now, to see how it plays out. VERY muted squee today for sure. I enjoyed it, but it's left me with mixed feelings about the main players. Really longing for the far simpler times of S1 and S2 now.