January 21st, 2019

Pros Cat book

Babies and books

So Saturday night I got to babysit while the kids went out by themselves for the first time since A was born. Well, I say "by themselves"; in truth it was a work function that my DIL had to attend as she had arranged it as part of her job. But they were able to go out and have a relaxing catchup together. And I got to play with the baby! For a couple of hours, anyway. By 7.30pm she was down for the night.

Once she was asleep I managed to finish another book for my LJ Bingo card. I have been dipping into this one whenever I had a few minutes spare, easy to do as it is a book of humorous essays, each of which only takes a few minutes to read. Just basic light reading, something to fill the time. And fill my autobiography / non fiction square as well.

Book Bingo 2019 2

Let's Explore Diabetes With Owls, by David Sedaris.