January 23rd, 2019

Pros Talk to the hand

Just once!

Just once it would be nice to go for a walk in the city at lunchtime and not be accosted by someone trying to sell me something.

No, I do not want Marley Spoon, Uber Eats or Uber for that matter. I already give to the Smith Family, thank you. I don't want to talk about Oxfam, or World for Animals, or any other charity. And please stop trying with the stupid comments used as hooks; I know my earrings are pretty and don't need to be told, and I don't care what you call an alligator wearing a vest.

I know the charities are all spruiking for a good cause, and I know it's the only work most of the kids can get, but just once, surely.... and you can't avoid them. Think you're smart by crossing the street when you see them up ahead, only to find you've walked up to a Unicef stand.

I use my lunchtime walk to clear my head, and to tease out knotty problems. I find I can think better when I'm just walking around, and it's annoying having my train of thought derailed by this bunch.