January 23rd, 2021

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So the govt is saying that due to shortages, the Pfizer vaccine may not be here as early as next month as originally proposed, and we may need to wait a bit longer. I don't see that as a drama - it's not like Australia has a pressing need at this point, and the govt has already said that it's unlikely that the ban on overseas travel will be lifted before the end of the year, and anyone coming into Australia has to go into mandatory quarantine. So I'm prepared to wait. As much as I'd like a vaccine, I figure the longer it takes to reach our shores, the more likely it is that any issues with the vaccine have been dealt with, or at least announced.

At a Little Paws Kitten Rescue meeting this morning, and one of our commitee members' phone started ringing - her ringtone was the theme from Star Trek! So then we started talking about various Sf shows etc and she pulled out her face mask, which was made of Dr Who fabric. So I showed her my carry bag which is also Dr Who. Instant bonding!

Also if you're not sure how long you should be washing your hands for - try reciting the Star Trek Intro "Space - the final frontier." It takes approximately 20 seconds to recite with appropriate gravitas, which is the time you need to spend soaping up. And how many times have I then found myself humming the rest of the theme song? Go on, you  know you want to!

On another note, I bought a kayak today. Time will tell whether this was the biggest waste of money ever or the best lifestyle decision I've ever made.