January 25th, 2021

Pros Books

The Witcher

Has anyone read any of The Witcher books? I bought the first one, expecting it to be all blood and gore, and was surprised to find it was much more than that. This led to me buying the next book The Blood of Elves which I also enjoyed. I plan on reading the rest of the books once I get through my current TBR pile.

 And this is weird, but over the last few months I've had a few people start following my reviews on Goodreads. Now considering that I didn't post a review at all during 2020, and my previous reviews weren't that great, I just don't understand this. Is it some sort of scam? The followers are generally people who haven't set up any sort of reading list.  Not sure how they'd find my reviews, let alone think they were worthy of following.

Speaking of TBR pile, I've just started in on <i>His Dark Materials</i> and it's hooked me from the start. I love it when books do that.
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