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Car of the Week

Work: Electricians adding some wiring after hours tonight, pulled the plug on our branch without warning me. An hours (overtime) work lost. *sigh* Thank god I can get up early and go in early and do it again....

Battletruck! In all its two-tone glory.
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I hated this car with a passion. It was big, unwieldy, a bastard to park and with no power steering you needed shoulders like an East German swimmer to manoeuver it around.
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Its most endearing characteristic was its habit of jumping out of "Park" and into "Neutral" at really awkward times, like when you're kneeling on the back seat undoing your child's car seat restraints. You had to leap into the front, over the back of the front seat, hit the brake and whack the gear selector back into place before the car could rear-end the one parked in front. Wonderful stuff!
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