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Am I Missing Something Here, Or What....

Rang a removalist last week. Well actually I rang two, but this one in particular came out when he said he'd come out, submitted a quote when he said he would, and generally acted reliable. I decided to go with him, and filled out the Acceptance form included with the quote, having carefully checked the details printed on the form. Once completed, I faxed it back last Thursday. Yesterday in the mail I received the original of the acceptance form, and I again checked everything was correct.

Today I got a call from said removalist, saying that they can't do the move on the required days as they are already booked. HUH?? Why did they bother coming out for an inspection, and submitting a quote, if they couldn't do the job? I just don't get it. I was stunned. I put my head down on the counter at work and just stood very, very still. My boss came out & enquired if I was all right, and all I could do was laugh! She thought I was getting a bit hysterical. Must admit I felt that way.

Back where I started. The second company I rang last week also can't do the move on the required day. I rang another company today, and before asking them for a quote, I checked that they are available when needed. Yes, they are - so I had them pencil me in, subject to acceptance of the quote.

I have visions of myself sitting on the footpath next Thursday, my possessions at my feet.

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