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Back to the Seventies

My last car entry (Battletruck!) looked at the car I hated the most. This time I want to share my One True Automobile Love, my LH Torana which I owned in the late 70s - early 80s.
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There. Isn't she pretty? A 202, with all the poser-pieces eg bonnet scoop (totally useless; there for looks only) rear spoiler, front air dam, sunroof, American Racing mags etc. I loved it.
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Balanced, blueprinted and bored out to 208, with a Bert Jones Racing Cam, Holley Carb, special ahead-of-its-time electronic ignition, completely redone interior (chamois fabric to match the duco, with a green vinyl stripe down the centre of the seats). More that I can't remember, 25 years on.
Third one, because when it looks this good you can't stop at just two.
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Scary? I still own that white cardigan. It's just about back "in" too. I'd commit gbh to get my hands back on that car though. Except if memory serves, its next owner allowed it to get up close and personal with a tree.

EDIT : just noticed - in the second photo you can just barely make out the little brown koala clutching on to the rear vision mirror. That has been in every car I've ever owned, and is in my current car. It's falling apart, lost most of its hair and the spring between the arms doesn't work all that well, but still it stays. I'll be sad when it finally disintegrates.

Second EDIT: just realised that none of these photos show the front air dam. It was continually getting broken and ripped off, repaired and replaced. Looks like all three pics were taken during those times that the air dam was being repaired.

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