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Work, the universe, and everything (but not 42)

Winter's only one month away and finally it's making its imminence felt. The last few mornings have been quite cool, in the mid-teens, although the days are still making 25 - 26, but the air conditioning at work hasn't yet been adjusted for the cooler mornings and as a result my office is freezing. I've worn a jacket at work two days this week even though I'm still wearing shorts and t shirt around the house.
I don't like winter, I don't enjoy the cold, but have to admit I'm looking forward to getting back into my jeans, jackets and jumpers.

Actually planning on coming home at a reasonable time this evening, but a last-minute walk-in killed that hope. Ah well, more time in lieu to never get around to taking. I have over a week clocked up now; add to that the accrued holiday time and long service leave and I have over three months' "stuff you" time up my sleeve. Boss asked me recently why I called it "S.U. time" so I explained that if I ever became totally fed-up with work, I could say "Stuff you" to the job and still support myself for three months before I had to find another job. Which in this city is not that hard, not that hard at all.
Not that I'm planning on leaving anytime soon, though. For now it still suits just fine.

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