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Extraordinary Rendition

So is Little Dubya secretly a fan of 70s British TV? Dialogue below from The Professionals episode "Long Shot", written by Anthony Read and first aired 10 March 1978.

Scene 10: Inside the conference house. Cowley is socialising with Sheikh Achmeia (Murani) and Dr Harbinger (USA).

SHEIKH: One of the problems, Mr Cowley, is that you people in the West are too damn soft.

COWLEY: Oh, I don't make the rules, Sheikh. I just carry them out.

SHEIKH: Nevertheless, you must have views of your own.

COWLEY: Sure. I'd like to be able to shoot every terrorist in sight, but, uh--

SHEIKH: And you, Dr Harbinger? Would you have them shot? These hyenas?

HARBINGER: Sheikh Achmeia, that is a very loaded question, and you know it is.

SHEIKH: Always the clever diplomat, eh, Doctor? We're not round the conference table now; everything we say is off the record. Right, Mr Cowley?

HARBINGER: Well, you see, I learned the hard way that the one sure way to get yourself quoted is to talk "off the record".

SHEIKH: [laughs] Well, I'll tell you, gentlemen. If your governments won't take a firm line on terrorism, you should ship all your suspected terrorists to us in Murani. We know how to deal with them. And we don't have an electorate to please.

HARBINGER: Well, I'll remember your kind offer when I get back home. There are quite a few people I'd be delighted to send to you.

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