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What a busy weekend.
Starting with Friday, we had drinks after work. It was rather sad, walking out of the branch for the final time on Friday evening. Giving up my keys really brought it home to me that I'm not just going on holidays but moving on.

Then Saturday was cat club, followed by Paul's birthday party. Or so I thought. Turned out to be a combined Paul's birthday/ Miwahni's Leaving party. Friends from up north were in attendance (classic line - "Where are you guys staying tonight?" "Your place!") plus just about every local member of the club. The only one not there was the one taking over from me as secretary. She was probably at home going through all the club files I gave her.

Today I had a friend from work over, then this evening some other friends from WAY up north called in, on their way through to Taree. We went to the club for dinner but had an early night as they need to get back on the road tomorrow.

In between time I managed to clear up some of the mess in the garden (about halfway through) and even slept for an hour and a half after lunch. I was too tired to stay awake a moment longer.

Tomorrow I have more to do than I really want to think about. At least I don't have to get up at 6, though. I've set my alarm for the much more respectable time of 7am.

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