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Tired, footsore and sunburnt - but what a fantastic day I had at Willowbank today, watching the V8 Supercars. Thanks to a suggestion from falcadore I had a radio with me, and could listen to the entire commentary rather than making do listening to the garbled PA system. Also had wet weather gear, as the day started off overcast and damp, but by the time we reached the track the clouds had cleared, leaving glorious sunshine.
I have to give credit where it is due. Rick Kelly is not my favourite driver but he put in a fantastic performance today after a problem in pit lane lost him a number of places, a disaster compounded by a drive-through penalty. This, plus a later stop for a roll bar adjustment, put him at the rear of the field in the second race, but a steady drive back through saw him finish well within the points in the third race. Some of his passing moves were just brilliant.
I was surprised at how bright the Vodaphone cars are. On tv they look red but in reality their livery is a bright, dayglo colour that would stand out in the dark I reckon. The HRT cars aren't much different. Makes you wonder how Courtney managed to hit Skaife on the last lap; he certainly couldn't say that he didn't see the No.2 Commodore.
And had a teen-squee moment in the pits: "OMG that's Colin Bond!" *genuflect*. Yep, the oldies are still the goodies.

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