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Small Things Amuse

Was watching Good Guys Bad Guys today, and got a real kick to discover that Elvis Maginnis and I have the same taste in shower curtains - it's a children's design from Ikea, very bright and cheerful. It must be a popular one as the show was made in 1997 and I only bought my shower curtain late last year.

Yes, today was Ekka Day for my local council area. Didn't stop customers from ringing my mobile, to complain that they had tried ringing the branch, only to have the phone ring out. I had a lady ring me, all excited, last Thursday, to say that she and her husband both had Monday (today) off work due to the Ekka holiday, so could they come and see me please? Um, that would be NO....

My Proslib CD arrived last Friday, too. Over 1400 wonderful stories to read, plus songvids and more. Lovely. I've dipped my toe into it over the weekend but it's going to take forever to wade through the whole thing.

ETA: sitting here feeling miserable because I have to go back to work tomorrow. Nearly 15 years working there, and for the first time in my life I really, truly do not want to be there any more.

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