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I just finished talking on the phone to someone I hadn't spoken to since 1975, no lie. She and I were good friends through high school, but I moved away from the area halfway through my last year, and she was from a very strict Italian/Catholic family which forbade her from going anywhere by herself. We drifted apart, as often happens, but the eddies and currents of our lives have swept us back together all these years later.
We've both married in the intervening years, raised our families, split up, changed careers, moved countless times - and now live less than three hours apart. Another of our (small!) circle is based only 40 minutes from me! Amazing.

She found me on the internet, via a couple of cat-based websites, and sent a msg to my mobile phone asking if I was the same Real Name who went to Westfields High? I replied, and asked who sent the message, only to receive the cryptic reply "Oh no! I'm shattered! Have a guess... I'll give you some clues... reading James Bond, singing Monty Python songs, Elton John, and the biggie getting chucked out of Geography for doing sign language."
She's going to be in town for a bit soon, so we're going to get together for coffee. I'm really excited.

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