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Mixed Doubles

Watched Mixed Doubles again last night. There are so many reasons why this episode is one of my favourites

Where to start? When Bodie is going one-on-one with Macklin, we see Doyle in the background, standing with typical hipshot pose as he holds onto the tyre swing. I swear that boy doesn't know how to stand up straight.
Doyle's comment about Bodie having borrowed that shirt from him. Whether he is being truthful or not, that comment takes me right to my happy slashy place.
Towser's tracksuit top. Now where have we seen that before? And it hasn't improved any in the meantime, it's still a travesty of fashion design.
I love the fight with the bikies at the pub, where the lads put their training to such good use. And afterwards, when they drive up to meet Cowley, Doyle has his feet through the hole where the windscreen was. That always makes me smile.
The sleeping bag conversation would have to rate as my favourite scene. We learn a lot about Doyle in that conversation but it also raises a question - what did he see or do in the Met. that makes CI5 so good in comparison? I would think the line between good and bad (or at least the methods by which bad is combatted) would be even less distinct in CI5.
And who believes Bodie when he says he joined for the money? Even if that were true, (and I don't believe that for a minute) what makes him stay? It's easy to think of Bodie, with his dark humour, as being unperturbed by the work he does, but there are eps that show his compassionate nature (eg the manner in which he dealt with the minister's secretary in Dead Reckoning). I doubt that anyone who had any feeling for their fellow man could do that job solely for financial gain.
I love the lads' admission of fear the next day. They're secure enough with each other that they can admit to something like that without having to explain, or worry what the other thinks of them. The trust that this displays always leaves me breathless.
Then, as Frank and Joe prepare to leave the attic my heart begins to pound in anticipation, even though I know how it all ends.
And that brings me to my only real criticism of this ep - the abrupt ending always leaves me feeling unsatisfied. I want more, dammit!

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