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A most interesting day.

Half of my left hand is currently bandaged, because I overlooked Rule #1 when bathing cats - clip their claws first. How long have I been doing this? Must be a really slow learner. I can't blame Kissy, she hasn't been bathed since I stopped showing her in 1996 so it was a whole new, scary experience for her.
Anyway, that put the kybosh on my planned garden activities, so I did my tax return instead. It was due by the end of the month and I'd been putting it off, knowing it would be more complicated than usual, but eTax made it easy. Should have done it weeks ago! Due for a nice little refund too.
I stopped to get petrol this evening, on my way to a friend's house in the country, and I asked the console operator if she knew what was happening in the paddock across the road, where numerous vehicles were parked and large marquee-style tents had been erected.
"Oh," she replied, "it's the annual gymkhana. They always hold it there."
"Really? I can't see any horses."
"No, they had to cancel the horses because of the equine flu."
I looked at her for a minute and she just looked right back so I paid for my petrol and left.
Later on, watching news footage of a kangaroo mixing it up with the V8s at Bathurst, friend remarked that "something should be done" about the kangaroos at Bathurst. For example, on the day before the teams arrive, they should drive all the roos away from the infield of the circuit.
Um, aren't you forgetting one pertinent fact here? The bastards jump. A six foot fence is no barrier to a roo who would take it in his stride bounce. Getting them out would be one thing; keeping them out another matter entirely.
Finally, my list of can't-miss television shows doubled tonight, with the inclusion of Judge John Deed. I've been meaning to watch for the last two weeks and have forgotten it was on but managed to catch it tonight. I'm hooked. I like courtroom dramas to begin with, and it doesn't hurt that Martin Shaw is still gorgeous after all these years.
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