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The Unforgiving Minute

The Mountain has a reputation for capriciousness, for cruelty, for toying catlike with the hopes and dreams of the drivers and their crews. At the end of the day only six drivers are acknowledged; the three teams who managed to hold it together long enough to get over the line first. But podium finishes don’t recognise all the other achievements of the day- for this reason I bring you The Mountain Logies.

I Wore My Lucky Underpants Today Award goes to Craig Lowndes; not just for winning, but for coming unscathed through two incidents involving out-of-control cars suddenly spinning in front of him. On both occasions he scraped past with only a coat of paint separating them.

Best Quote of the Day goes to Rick Kelly who, after being involved in one of Lowndes’ near-misses, commented when reaching the pits “I had to come in for a drink and a bit of a sit-down”. And a change of undies, one assumes. That was close.

For the Throw Another Shrimp On The Barby award equal first place was taken by two cars; both Andrew Jones from Team BOC and Jack Perkins from Jack Daniels Racing retired after their cars caught fire. Third spot went to HRT for their imaginative use of a pie-warmer to warm their brake rotors before replacing. Another team was using an electric frypan for the same job. I awarded them a Very Highly Commended.

Oops I Did It Again award also goes to HRT, for Mark Skaife’s exit from the race courtesy of an accident. At least this year he covered a lot more race distance. But damn, he’s one of my three favourite drivers! He should be on the podium at least!

The Even Upside Down It’s Still A Bolt award goes to Ron Harrop. I don’t care how cleverly you can rotate it, a CAD image of a bolt from a Watt’s Linkage does not exciting viewing make.

There were many worthy recipients of the Bonnie Tyler It’s A Heartache award, but ultimately first place had to go to the pairing of Mark Winterbottom and Steven Richards. Everything was going so well – Mark took pole after a blinder of a lap in the shootout; they drove well and led for a large portion of the race, only to see it all slip away literally when a poor tyre choice sent them out onto a greasy damp track with cold slicks in the last quarter of the event.

Missed It By This Much goes to Greg Murphy *sigh*. C’mon Murph, you were so very nearly there, and should take comfort from the fact that you were the first of the Holdens home.

So that’s it for another year. From here on the rest of the season is almost anti-climactic. I don’t care what is said about the Championship – to me Bathurst is, was, and always will be, the Holy Grail of motor racing in Australia.
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