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Pretentious wot?

I had to attend a luncheon (oh puh-leez...) in the city today.
The meal consisted of three strips of meat no bigger than my little finger, a buckwheat pancake covered by a leaf of spinach (I think?) and topped by a celery stick three inches long wrapped in bacon. There was also about a third of a baked potato. I actually thought this was an entree, it was so small, but no, it really was the meal. There was also a chunk of bread on a side plate.
As a follow-up we received individual cheese/fruit platters which consisted of one large wafer, two small (2 inch square) pieces of toast, three strips of cheese (little finger sized again, although flat this time) and two slices of apple, and something that looked like mashed figs which I didn't bother to eat in case it stuck to my teeth.
I think I'd have preferred one of Bodie's bacon sangers. Certainly would have been more filling.

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