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See? Size DOES matter.

My pc has been crawling lately, and crashing at inopportune moments eg whenever I try to convert a songvid to the correct format for my MP4 player. The diagnosis was the tiny amount of ram - at 256mb it simply couldn't handle anything too heavy.
So at lunchtime today it was off to the PC shop where I purchased a new 1G stick of ram. "You right to install it?" the tech asked. "No probs!" I replied, trying to sound more confident than I felt.
The first thing I did upon getting home this evening was take the case off the old pc and install the new ram. And it worked! Yay me! I actually accomplished something technical without assistance! Okay, so I didn't exactly design a space shuttle but I couldn't be happier if I had.
And now my pc is sweet, purring along as it did when it was brand new and shiny.

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