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First Baby Photo

Kittens still doing well.
Birman kittens are born white and their point colour can take a couple of weeks to come in fully. At least one of these is definitely a seal point; I can already see the dark tracings around his little ears. Then we have the fun of waiting for markings. You can bet that the kitten with the best conformation to type will develop a chin spot or white run up a leg! Just one of the frustrations of breeding.
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It's not the world's best photo! Chicken didn't want to leave her bubs (which is as it should be!) and I was holding up the lid of her box with one hand, leaving the camera a bit wobbly. Third kitten really is there, wedged beneath its siblings; you can just see its tail in between the other two.
You guys are going to get terribly sick of baby photos by the time these kids pack their ports and leave home!
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