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Lost Art

It's a condition of the leases in the centre where I work, that each shop be refitted/refurbished at regular intervals (eg our premises just received a new coat of paint) so I wasn't too surprised when the hoarding went up around the QDB Bookshop recently.
Walking past this morning I could see in through the hoarding. The place has been refurbished all right - as a DVD store.
This centre is a generic shopping centre that could be in Anysuburb, Australia. It has the typical mix of tenants incorporating most of the major chain stores, pinned by a couple of large department stores. It already contains three DVD stores - EzyDVD, Sanity, and HMV. But there's only one other bookstore - Angus & Robertson.
*sigh* I think that's kinda sad, really.

I shouldn't be so surprised, though. When my son did his final year of high school, rather than having to read a novel, his English class studied the movie The Castle. This wasn't a remedial class either; the kid made it into University.
It seems that reading is becoming a lost art.

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