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Baby Update

Chicken's kittens continue to thrive. One week ago they weighed 96gm, 108gm & 114gm respectively; seven days on they now weigh 204gm, 213gm & 226gm. And after a slow start, Ratty's one child is now gaining, going from 89gm on Friday night to 112gm today. I put him in with Chicken on Saturday as he was losing weight, but his mum got pretty frantic so I gave her one more try. She seems to have settled down a lot now, and bub is getting fatter so she can keep him. I wasn't able to get a photo of him though - every time I tried she sat on him! I think she was worried I was going to take him away again.
So, under cut - tonight's photos of Chicken's kids, now 9 days old and eyes just starting to open!

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This is the basket I put them in as I weigh each one, just to make sure I'm not weighing the same kitten twice. Little fat slugs they are! You can just see the colour starting to come in now around the edge of their ears, on their tails and noses, and in the right light you can just make out where the white of the paws will be.
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As soon as I put them back into their box Chicken jumped in along with them, and they were quick to cuddle up with their mum once more.

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