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Now and Zen

I came close to throwing my job in today, due to something that, put in perspective, was only a minor irritation, but on top of everything else that's happened over the last few months, it came close to being the straw. Been there 15 years on the 30th of this month and I'm seriously doubting now I'll last another 15 months.
Day got marginally brighter when a fellow appreciator of Led Zeppelin dropped in a couple of CDs for me. One of them, All That Glitters, contains outtakes, rehearsals and the like. It's so interesting to listen to! You can trace the evolution of the songs you know so well and love. He also passed on LZ's latest album Mothership which is a best-of compilation. I have all the tracks on their original albums, but these have been digitally remastered and have much better sound quality, even to my untrained ear. I've been loading them all onto my Zen player tonight so I can listen at work.

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