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Brain Dead

First day back at work today, after taking three weeks' long service leave. Accomplished so much in that three weeks - moved interstate, got a transfer & promotion, took a trip back across the border for a friend's birthday party. No wonder I sat at my pc this morning and stared in mute wonder, trying to remember all my access passwords! I felt as though I had been away for three months rather than three weeks.

Tired tonight. It's a 45 minute drive through traffic to my new job, quite a change from my previous leave-home-at-8.30-and-start-work-at-8.45 job. It was well and truly dark by the time I arrived home; hell, it was dark by the time I made it to my car. I was home by 6.10 which wasn't any later than previously, it's just that previously I would have left work at 6pm to be home by 6.10, instead of leaving at 5.30.

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