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Here we go again.

I have this mutual dislike thing happening with my boss. If ever I needed proof that it's mutual, I only have to look at his last branch visit - conducted on the only day in 2007 that I rang in sick. I'm not complaining, though; at least it means I rarely have to see him.
So - Tuesday he phoned to share an idea he's had, the implementation of which will seriously affect my ability to earn bonus. He says he's looking out for my welfare, that he doesn't want me to burn out. Even without the aforementioned dislike I'd be questioning that statement. In fact the cynical part of me says that this is an attempt to reduce the bonus payouts for our region. He said I had two days to think it over and he'd call again on Thursday. I did mention to him that I'd heard of his grand plan from someone else (would have been courteous to discuss with me prior to telling a lender at another branch but people-management isn't this guy's strong point) so have had ample time to consider, but no, he wanted to give me two days.
Two days of constant stress headache and broken sleep at night. I shouldn't let him get to me like that! And at the end of it all, an email yesterday saying that he'll call me on Monday so I have more time to discuss with others at the branch.
Great. Thanks for ruining my weekend as well.
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