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My phone has been out of order since Friday night (but my broadband still works - yay!) and when I reported it I was told there was a 48-hour turnaround from report to repair. Meanwhile incoming calls are diverted to my mobile, but I'm on my own for outgoing.
Not having heard anything by this evening I rang to check on the progress, only to discover that the reference number I had been given had been assigned to someone else's job allocation, and my job was totally overlooked. It's lost its place in the queue, and "your phone may be fixed by 23rd January". We hope. If the moon is blue, it's raining frogs and not a leap year.
I don't understand how they can give a "guarantee" of repair within 48 hours, then when that fails, put the job off for another eight days or so.

Ah well, could be worse. I have my work mobile for outgoing calls, my private mobile for incoming, and my internetz (pats broadband connection). Mmmm, shiny....

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