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Happiness Meme

...as tagged by andreathelion

List on your journal ten things that make you happy!

1) Arrival of my latest zine order! I now have Unprofessional Conduct 9, The Yellow Brick Road, and A Beach To Walk On. So if I don’t answer the phone, you’ll know why – I’m reading!

2) Having my son over for dinner. He’s always good company and I treasure the time we spend together.

3) Livejournal and my f-list. You guys are great.

4) Watching my Pros DVDs. On the second go-round now, and nearly to the end. At which time I'll have to start over again.

5) Watching Series One of The Mighty Boosh. Thanks, gillyp for whetting my curiosity to the point that I had to go out and buy the DVD. I haven’t laughed so much in years! Now I need to grab Series Two.

6) Kitten photos. More photos arrived last night from the new owners of my two little girls. It’s wonderful to see that they’re so happy and adjusted in their new home. Which leads to –

7) My cats. Like ancastar mentioned – 40’s, living alone, have cats. The whole cliche. They’re such good company and it’s lovely to come home to them, waiting at the door.

8) There was a watch I liked in Myer, but didn’t buy because I really didn’t need another watch. But then – oh bliss! – it was 50% off, so I had to buy it. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

9) Getting my phone fixed. Not that I’m going to answer it, mind. It’s just nice to know that it’s there.

10) My house. It’s small, and old, and badly needs a new bathroom, but it’s mine (well, in conjunction with the bank at any rate) and I love it.

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