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The Good, The Bad, The Eternally Youthful

Back to my journal at last (pets it gently) ahh, didn't mean to ignore for so long but really, nothing is happening. Went to a cat show yesterday, didn't enter anything, just judged the companion cats which was a lot of fun. Gave my Judge's Choice to an 11 month old silver tabby neuter; a lovely cat but he had such an attitude on the table that I couldn't place him in my finals. Back in his cage however he was flopping and looking at me with big doe-eyes. What a sweetie - to look at. Just don't touch.
Good News Week is back on tv! Mikey Robbins is looking significantly older, Paul McDermott has hardly aged a day. Bet he has a portrait of himself stored away somewhere. Or else Mikey is doing Paul's ageing for him. Wonder what his price was. Whatever, the show still had me laughing fit to burst.
Another lender resigned on Friday; that makes two so far in four weeks. Another one has his resignation planned for a fortnight's time. Anyone want a job?
And to top it off we were beaten by India in the one-dayer last night. Shame!

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