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Cricket was on at the WACA tonight, which meant I actually got to see some of it after getting home from work and then feeding the rampaging mob. Interrupted by three phone calls though; two friends wanting a chat and one telemarketer who wished to disclose the secrets of negative gearing.
Caught the bus into the city yesterday. The trip in was great; I sat and read my book and was there before I knew it. Trip back was not so pleasant as the bus stopped at a high school right on knock-off time. If I hadn't already had a headache, I sure would have had one by the time I reached my stop.
Still, it was marginally better than my trip in on Tuesday morning. That day there were four of us travelling in so we met at Mt Gravatt, then travelled in together. It took me longer to get to Mt Gravatt on Tuesday than it did to make the entire trip yesterday.
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