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Taking a Sickie

Stayed home from work today, feeling rotten. When I woke up this morning I had a really sore stomach, and the closer it got to "get ready" time, the worse my stomach felt. On previous occasions I've still dragged myself into work when I've felt bad but today I just couldn't do it. After calling in sick I went back to bed, only surfacing again at 10.30.
The one good thing about feeling sick is that I can justify sitting on the lounge watching DVDs, without feeling guilty about the 101 other things that need doing.
Mind you, one can't escape work for too long. I've just spent an hour talking one of our new lenders through the process of ordering a valuation. When I take holidays I think I'll change my phone number, or else let the answering machine pick up.
Which brings me to another (minor) source of irritation. Nearly every day when I get home from work, the answering machine is blinking but the mysterious caller never leaves a message. Ah well, it's their money they're wasting. Just a nuisance, is all.
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