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TV times

Judge John Deed is on UK-TV on Wednesday nights; that's almost (but not quite!) enough to get me to subscribe to pay-tv again. Looking through the tv guide, though, there's not much change in programming since I last had pay tv in early 2004. Boring!
I don't normally buy tv guides as I don't watch all that much tv, but yesterday I threw a TV Week in with my groceries and I am so so very glad I did. There's an ad for a series of Peter Brock medallions, and I want them. It's an extremely limited run, though, so I have my fingers crossed that it's not already too late.
Clipsal 500 second race today and I'm filling in time until it starts. It's up against the one-day international, Australia vs India, so I can see I'll be doing a lot of channel hopping.
Tags: cricket, tv, v8 supercars
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