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One of the girls I work with has found herself a Boyfriend.

Boyfriend's probably the wrong word here; more like Friend With Benefits, or casual sex partner. She's totally obsessed with sharing the intimate details of her new sex life with all of us at work, male and female alike and on Monday morning we were treated to the ins and outs of her Saturday night; I know much much more than I'm really comfortable knowing about the various ways they found to entertain themselves.

See, she joined this dating service and on her profile she asked that prospective contacts send her photos, via mobile phone, of their heads, and their bodies. Blokes being blokes, she received a slew of cock shots which she, being a generous soul, has shared amongst us. Girls being girls, we've discussed the relative merits of each of these, referring to them as Uncut Bends Left etc. If one of these blokes walked into the office I swear I wouldn't recognise them unless they dropped their strides, then I'd know in a flash who they were. "Ah, you're Balls Hung Low!"

The funny thing is this girl was always the prim and proper one, and now it's like some hormone-fuelled switch has been thrown in her brain. Sex is all she can talk about now. She's even started flirting with our customers which is such a turnabout for her. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad she's getting laid, but I'd really like a change of conversation topic, at least for a little while each day.
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