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Damn you Eastern Daylight Savings Time! I checked the V8 Supercars guide yesterday morning, to see what time the third race was on - 1.10pm according to the website. At 1pm I stopped what I was doing, made some lunch and turned on the tv only to find it was all over red rover. I'd forgotten, hadn't I, that Victoria fiddles with reality every summer and puts their clocks an hour ahead of the real time.

I went to a friend's place on Saturday night to watch a movie. What an incredible setup this guy has - huge movie screen with overhead projector, and a $7000 sound system that was just fantastic. It's got me thinking now that I'd like to buy something a bit better than the sound I currently have ie a stereo tv hooked up to my cd player. Won't be spending anywhere near $7000 on it though, I don't watch enough tv to warrant it. I just want sound that I can feel.

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