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Icon Meme Redux

For newsy891 who asked if I'd care to

1. Screw World Peace, I Want a Pony.
One of my self-absorbed, "Its All About Me!" icons. Welcome to the shallow end, m'dear!

2. Not Happy Jan
This is actually a phrase from a TV commercial which has been absorbed into the Australian lexicon. I thought the cat was a good embodiment of the sentiment expressed.

3. Cardi - my Princess Fatty Kitten. Proper name is Australian Award of Excellence, Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia Champion, Qld Gold Double Grand Champion, NSW Bronze Dble Gd Ch Saavik Bacardi. She's terribly unimpressed by all of that, however, and simply answers to Fatty Girl.
All of your cats are special, but sometimes there's one that you can't help loving more than the rest. That's my fatty girl. She's a domineering bossy britches to the other cats but is sweet and loving to me. I had to stop showing her a couple of years ago when she made it plainly known that she was no longer impressed with cat shows though.

4. Brainscrub
This came from a piccy that anonpussynamer sent me, and I use it mainly on weepingcock and badfic_quotes . Some of the stuff showcased there necessitates a good dose of brain bleach, along with a hard scrub to remove the lingering stains.
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